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Hey there!!!

My Name is Jorge Francisco Torres (New York Tech Man) Im an explorer, innovator, entrepreneur and a tech guru. I have decided to bring my tech services to all New Yorkers. Please don’t stop reading you just found your personal guru on any technology question you have.

What Can He Do For You?

The New York Tech Man will provide you with affordable, high quality guidance, advice and instruction, when you need it, where you need it. Think of him as your own personal “genius” who also makes house calls. The New York Tech Man has been using Apple and Windows products exclusively since 2001 and is constantly keeping up with the changing times. Let New York Tech Man help you get the most of out your Mac or PC by improving your productivity and giving you valuable skills that you keep for the rest of your life. Not only can New York Tech Man help keep your computer running smoothly, he can show you exactly how to do it yourself so you can be your own Computer genius! New York Tech Man loves watching people go from being afraid of their Macs and technology in general, to them doing more with their computers than they ever imagined they could. The mission is to not only have people overcome their fear, but to empower them to learn on their own as well as teach others. We want to bring that inspiration and comfort right into your home.

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